Overseas Investments Traders PTE LTD

Investment today is a source of income tomorrow

Overseas Investments Traders PTE LTD is a world-wide investment and trading company.


We Are Professional

As our core responsibility we provide opportunity for our clients to answer tomorrow’s financial and business question today through a range of Investments products designed to enhance clients’ saving culture and wealth creation.


We Are Trusted

Overseas Investments Traders PTE LTD is a globally recognized leader in commercial and structured finance. We are leading the way in commercial lending of all types, including Commercial Real Estate, Mining and Energy financing, Ship finance.


We Are Expert

We trade in programs that involve financial instruments as well as hard currencies. We also invest in commodity future transactions such as wheat, rice, sugar and well. Option Trading: We trade on optional stock trading.

Why Choose Us

  • We provide uninterrupted channels of supply of our products and services to our customers.
  • We maintain the best and safe operational practices, adopting advanced technology, cost effective/efficient operations, increased operating efficiency and adherence to high environmental standards.
  • We explore and enhance the potential of our human resources, aligning the interests of our shareholders, customers and other stakeholders to create significant business value characterized by excellent financial results, outstanding professional accomplishments and superior performance.

Overseas Investments Traders PTE LTD is guided by the following core values:

in our relationships and transactions with our clients and among each other, we are  honest, trustworthy, reliable, transparent and accountable;

we meet our internal and external customers’ expectations;

we embrace new ideas and respond swiftly to changes in our environments;

we dedicate ourselves to pursuing the agreed common goals;

we deliver on our commitments accurately and promptly

Our Services

Oil Storage Services

Oil storage is part of the midstream sector of the oil industry. Overseas Investments Traders in collaboration with our affliates and Partner companies offer Oil Storage services by Leasing out hospitality from well reputable Oil Storage Terminal Providers in various ports located in Asia , Europe and Africa markets

Extended Credit Services

Extend credit terms to the buyer to meet the payment due date accordingly. This enhances the purchasing power of the buyer. It reduces payment pressure on the buyer and secure liquidity. This means the buyer can transfer this benefit to the end buyer and will be able to push more products and create customer loyalty.

Oil Trading Services

We have participated and continue responding to international tenders. We have been supplying our clients in various African jurisdictions with Oil. Some of the countries we have supplied include; South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia.

Product Delivery Services

Overseas Investments Traders Provide product delivery services via sea or road in collaboration with well-known Logistics and warehouse companies. We provide full Product Delivery and Management Services to our customers …

Supply and Offtake Services

Overseas Investments Traders has the infrastructure where we draw legally bidding Sales and Supply agreements. From the agreement our buyers are able to plan ahead in addition of assuring the buyers the supply of products.

Business Trade and Management Consultancy Services

This involves the coordination and organization of business activities of our clients as well as provide trade operations to our client such as logistics and warehouse service.