As our core responsibility we provide opportunity for our clients to answer tomorrow’s financial and business question today through a range of Investments products designed to enhance clients’ saving culture and wealth creation. Our products are meant for the accomplishment of specific dreams.

We participate in the investments with our clients where we put our funds as well as to give our clients the comfort that when it comes to investments teaming up ensure that enough capital is available and the return on the investments equals to the value of the money invested.


Our future Investments (FI) are designed to enable us and our clients invest towards specific projects as:

Business expansion. 
Acquisition of fixed assets (i.e. Properties, land, ships, aircrafts etc.)
Start-up capital for small & medium scale enterprises.
Building a dream house.
Church/association buildings etc.


Gold and Silver Investments:

Real Estate Investments
Petroleum, Energy and Gas Investments
Shipping and Bunkery Investments
Technology and Telecommunications

Banking and Finance

Tourism and Entertainment.

We invest in Bank guarantees and Standby Letter of credit to help borrowers gain access to financing through our Trade Facilitation Programme. We also provide Letter of credit to importers who may not be in a position to raise the required letter of credit that the supplier require before delivering and shipping various commodities such as cement, oil, sugar, rice, wheat etc.