Bonds and MTNS

By definition, Medium Term Notes (MTN’s) are debt instruments which are created by banks and sold to investors, having a predefined face value, date of maturity, and annual interest rate.

For example, you may have a 10 year note issued from Barclays Bank worth 100M, collecting a coupon (interest) of 6.5% per year.  Each year you would receive 6.5M until the date of its maturity, where you may cash it in for its full face value.

Though an MTN has similar characteristics to other debt notes, it is completely unique due to its flexibility, price, resale potential, and ability to be purchased at a discount from face.

We can provide you Medium Term Notes. Private Investor or Bank Euros or Dollars. The Project will be finance through Medium Term Notes (MTN). From a AAA rated Bank in The EU and the US as the first bridge and liquidity Will be equally provided by a AAA rated Bank based on the MTN in Accordance with whatever fund you need for the Project. This is Usually between Euro 1M -1Billion and for a minimum of 5 Years.

As debt securities, bonds can provide excellent diversity to your investment portfolio. They represent money borrowed by a corporation (or government or municipality) to fund expansion, construction, and other growth-related projects. You are the bond investor, who holds an IOU from the borrower indicating you are entitled to recover your money with a specific rate of interest at a specific point in time.