Overseas Investments Traders PTE LTD

Supply and Offtake Services

Overseas Investments Supply and Offtake Services

Supply and Offtake Services

Overseas Investments Traders has the infrastructure where we draw legally bidding Sales and Supply agreements. From the agreement our buyers are able to plan ahead in addition of assuring the buyers the supply of products. With our pre-agreed pricing formula – predictable prices from our suppliers, our buyers can get a better price in return for the commitment, less administration work since our buyers will not necessarily need to maintain purchase orders over and over again. We ensure smooth process flow from the sourcing until the delivery of the products.

Off-take Agreement

Overseas Investments Traders provides offtake agreement services to the reseller of the products we supply. This is done via a Collateral Management Agreement (CFA) or Collateral Financing Agreement (CFA) with credible collateral agents especially commercial banks / financial institutions and Warehouse/Oil Terminal companies.

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